We provide our services as accounting, management consultancy, software development & web development & search engine optimisation (SEO) service and tax services.

Our reach and expertise extends to businesses and individuals worldwide, our personal customer led approach sets us apart from our competitors.

Our aim is simple, to provide a highly customer centric, partner-led service, personalised service and specialist expert advice that makes a true difference to you, your business and any other related stakeholders.

Our services are aimed at local, regional and international entrepreneurial small, medium enterprises (SMEs), large corporates and high-net worth individuals.

We provide a broad range of services including; financial accounting services, cost accounting services, management consultancy services, tax services, business turnaround and recovery, royalty auditing and licensing, business sustainability, strategic planning services, software development, project management, web development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and apps development.

We strive to deliver premium service delivery, value for money, quality and consistency. We certainly help our clients maximise business opportunities and minimise their costs, increase profits, maximise shareholders’ wealth.

Our charges

The company charges the services to the client based on the time spent on the engagement and nature of the skill set required performing the services for clients. We provide market beating competitive rates to the clients.

Contact us

Contact us on 0044 (0) 7814592738 or email us via info@i-bconsultants.com. or send a message via message box on the web page.All information will be kept confidential.